Can you love two people at the same time?


It is possible to love two people at once? Have you experience this awful feeling of not knowing who to choose? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. I have this friend that been struggling with loving two girls at the same time. Although he knows that I don’t approve that he dates the two girls at the same time, I listen to him and try to help him to make the best decision for himself…but is not easy!

When we have to many choices in the table is very difficult to pick one. That happens with everyday life situation. What product to choose? What clothes to wear? Which restaurant to go? But, when it comes to picking a partner is way more difficult when you have too many options. I’m a firm believer of dating few people at the same time when you’re single, but if you past the line and start investing emotionally in one person automatically I think you should stop seeing the others. I’m aware that not a lot of people do that and they keep sleeping around and dating few people at once. That’s when one day hits them and maybe they’re stuck loving two people at the same time. What to do?

Well, I’m not an expert on love, but I do believe this:

If you don’t find in a person what you are looking for in a relationship this person is not for you! Being afraid of leaving them just because  is “good person” is not a good excuse! Get some balls and move on.

If you ask yourself too much that you don’t know who to choose…maybe is not one of them. Maybe is someone completely new that has everything you being looking for.

Being afraid of being alone is not a good excuse. Being alone rocks and you will know yourself more and what type of person you want in your life.

If you had really love the first one… you had never had a second option.

Love can be complicated, but having too much interrogations about your love life means you’re not secure of what you expect or want from it. You cannot put a question mark (?) on love, love is a mystery that when you feel it is completely the best experience ever and you don’t have the it’s, but’s or what if’s.

And if you think you are really-really in love with the two of them…. just do this, close your eyes and imagine this:

Waking up next to this person for the rest of your days… going trips together… making love…kissing them and telling them that you love them for the rest of your life. If at the end of this you have a smile on your face and you didn’t think about the other one….well, you are just only in love with one and the other is just a crush.

At the end, I always belive that making a good decision requires a lot of time alone and doing a lot of introspection. Also, ask yourself: Can you handle a secret second life?  Sometimes the only difference being that there is one person you should be with, and one person you want to be with.


Have a great day guys…

and to my friend that struggles with this: you know who you love more already… I see it everytime you’re with her. Your smile is different. Love u!!:)



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  1. Rose Petals on Rock says:

    Yeah you know that’s a really interesting post and good ideas. Had no idea Johnny Depp said that and its pretty interesting and i think it might be true just thinking about it. I believe you can love one person and have a mad crazy infatuation for another but thats not love. Real love is like a deep friendship and got nothing to do with all that chemistry etc. sure you need to feel attraction but you gotta learn to separate the different things. I know one guy and he’s dating this girl who he describes as all the usual amazing stuff but he doesn’t love her. He talks about the kind of woman he imagines marrying one day and its like the total OPPOSITE of his girlfriend that he says is so amazing. No make up, not glamorous, just a nice woman, kind, not a party animal etc. Opposite of his so-called amazing girlfriend. so, I dunno, i think people know when they love. There is no confusion. Imagine losing one. then imagine losing the other. which is more devastating? there you go.

    1. cristy037 says:

      I’m going to show your comment to my friend. You’re right…there is no confusion. And even if there is, come on..make up your mind! We are talking about people here… I would never appreciate if someone did that to me or even do that to someone…but then again that’s my point of view. I know some people that feel better when they have 2, 3, 4 or who knows how many partners (helps their ego). Thank God this is not my case…I always try to not put myself in these type of situations. Ps. Johnny Deep rocks (yumm)!!!

      1. Rose Petals on Rock says:

        I’m flattered you like my comment, thanks! I agree about Johnny Depp.😉

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